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Tactix Training Group

Fundamentals to advanced tactical training.

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Fundamentals to advanced tactical training.

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Meet your new trainer, William Horvath.

✅  Sig Sauer Certified
✅  10 yrs training pros and civilians.
✅  Trusted by armed professionals in Canada and Abroad.

Will holds the Master Rifle and Pistol Instructor certification through the Sig Sauer Academy along with several other Law Enforcement Instructor certifications for various disciplines.

In addition, Mr. Horvath is an Ontario Chief Firearms Office approved instructor for the ATC (Authorized To Carry) certification for armed guards, CFSC and CRFSC.

Based in the GTA area, he also operates a mobile training unit and is available for training provincially and nationally.

“Luckily, I was referred to Will by someone at my range. There just aren’t any other guys around here doing what he does. Listen, not only is Will a great teacher, he’s a great guy. He genuinely likes to help people. When I started attending his classes, I was new to sport shooting and his approach got me off the ground and I’ve been developing my skills with him ever since. If you want to learn the fundamentals, or advanced skills, Will is your man.”

Jono Landon – Toronto, ON.

Why Effective Marksmanship Fundamentals Matter

Square or ‘flat’ range training helps to develop a skill set as it relates to shooting basics. These basics are stance, sight picture and alignment, trigger press and follow through. In addition to these must have basic skills, knowledge and skill must also be learned in immediate action drills for malfunctions, and fail to eject or fire scenarios. Square range training achieves this. For most this is where learning stops.

EMF raise the bar and provide an individual with confidence that square range proficiency can be maintained when under the stressors of accelerating and decelerating quickly in and out of less than ideal positions. EMF develop economy of movement. This increases the ability to adapt to stress, and rewards the individual with a more relaxed and focused mindset on how to successfully negotiate the task at hand.


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