Armed Security Guards


Tactix Training Group provides ATC training to new hires for security companies in the Province of Ontario providing armed guards. The prerequisite for enrolment is the possession of a valid Ontario restricted and non-restricted firearms licence and be 18 years of age or older.

Course Description

The 5 day course follows the Ontario Chief Firearms Office (CFO) guidelines and training program.  Instruction includes classroom modules covering various aspects of the law as it pertains to armed security guards including use of force, deadly force, and threat assessment.  Theory is followed by an introduction to the semi automatic pistol.  Students will learn the basics of shooting fundamentals and conduct dry fire drills to include loading, unloading a magazine and firearm retention.

This leads to the range for live fire and dry run techniques and tactics for engaging confirmed threats.  At the conclusion of the 5 day training program, students will be required to pass a written exam and pistol qualification.

Optional UTM Scenario Training

Force-on-force scenario training provides successful students of the ATC training program with real world training and tactics to recognize, confirm and react to a violent encounter.  With strict adherence to standard operating procedures (SOP) as outlined by the CFO, we are able to create a controlled environment that is completely safe and allows participants to engage in high stress scenarios to develop and test critical decision making skills required during a violent encounter.  Tactics taught in the ATC course are now put to the test against real adversaries in a controlled environment.