Civilian Courses


Civilian courses are
Open Enrolment, Group Private or Individual Private

EMF-C/P  is our civilian pistol course and utilizes a ‘keep it simple’ approach to the fundamentals of pistol shooting.  Beginning with how to prove any firearm safe, the basic course discusses the difference between keeping one eye or both eyes open, pistol grip, stance, sight picture and sight alignment.  Strict adherence to trigger and muzzle discipline is observed at all times.  Once a basic skill set is established, participants will learn economy of movement pertaining to loading/reloading the firearm. Participants will learn to complete a course of fire with emphasis on maintaining situational awareness and safety at all times. As a student progresses and gains confidence with the pistol platform, the intermediate training module introduces various types of holsters.  The student will learn to draw from the holster and re-holster safely and efficiently.  Slide stop and tac reloads are introduced along with the concept of speed vs accuracy.  Malfunctions and clearing stoppages are also covered during this module.

Follow on modules increase the pace of training. Emphasis is on smooth presentation from the holster with accurate shots consistently on target.  Various reloads and immediate action drills for clearning stoppages are committed to muscle memory through repetition.  Students are introduced to strong and support hand only shooting.  The final training module sees the student confidently working from the holster and completing all tasks with economy of movement while under moderate stress.  90 and 180 degree turns, shooting from a knee or knees and urban prone are introduced. Movement from one shooting stage to another is learned through repetition.  Being able to perform all functions learned while static are now performed with movement incorporated and unconventional shooting positions. A tasks, conditions, and standards test is then provided to give each participant a good understanding of their current abilities and weaknesses.  This serves as a reference for future training.


EMF-C/C introduces students to the semi automatic rifle. The fundamentals of safety, understanding the controls of the rifle, handling, loading and unloading procedures, firing and maintenance are covered in detail.  Once the basics are understood, the next module of training begins the building of a stable shooting platform and skill set through repetition. Learning to zero a rifle and red dot non magnified optics are introduced.  Topics covered are various reload techniques, shooting positions and clearing basic malfunctions.

The student will now have confidence in mounting the rifle, performing various functions of operation and clearing stoppages. Follow on training modules pick up the pace. Movement is introduced and performing drills learned while static are now executed with movement from one shooting stage to another. Unconventional shooting positions are introduced placing the student under moderate stress. Transitions from rifle to pistol are covered along with bilateral shooting while standing, kneeling and with the use of barricades.  A tasks, conditions and standards test is given to each student at the end of the final training module.  This self-diagnostic test highlights individual strengths and weaknesses and serves as a baseline for follow on training.