Specialty Training


UTM scenario based less lethal training for law enforcement and armed professionals is an essential training tool which enables participants to train under duress and in stressful tactical scenarios without risk of injury. Participants use duty weapons converted with UTM equipment which adds realism and familiarity with various weapon platforms. UTM training creates stressful environments where participants can learn to manage stress and make critical decisions during volatile confrontations. Through repetition, participants gain confidence in their abilities, decision making and are better equipped for the stressors of police work, military operations and security operations such as cash in transit duties.


  • Most realistic training system available
  • Non lethal and non toxic cartridges
  • Live force on force training
  • No live fire range facilities required
  • Converts duty issued weapon systems
  • Reliablity and affordability

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This course is designed to expose armed professionals to the proper uses of white light in conjunction with a weapon in low light environments. More than 2 out of 3 fatal police shootings occur during the hours of darkness. The majority of law enforcement involved shootings occur in diminished lighting conditions.  Almost 60% of law enforcement involved shootings occur within 5 feet and 20% occur within 10 feet or less.  Once the principles of low light operation and the preferred methods of manipulating hand held white lights are learned,  topics covered include searching buildings, threat identification and threat engagement with weapon mounted and handheld lights.

Optional training modules with UTM less lethal munitions and force-on-force training are available.



This course provides law enforcement officers the skills required to successfully and safely breach doors and windows whether they are part of a tactical unit or a patrol officer.  Students will learn the various types of breaching equipment for doors and windows.  Proficiency in the use and application of the halligan pry bar, ram, shotgun breaching rounds, bolt cutters and how to deploy from a tactical unit stack will be covered in detail.



This high intensity training offers armed professionals and licensed firearm carry holders techniques for using the vehicle as cover and learning the difference between cover and concealment. In addition, fighting from inside and outside the vehicle, single handed shooting techniques, teammate/passenger considerations while engaging a threat, and transitions from inside to outside the vehicle are introduced. Lastly, disabled methods of loading and unloading firearms are learned and a ballistics examination of different calibers and how they penetrate or skip when fired into a vehicle are studied.



EPO training is offered in a 10 day  course that includes a 2 day weapons package and is suitable for both hostile and non-hostile environments. Participants will learn a wide range of protective security skills that will enable them upon successful completion of the course, to effectively and efficiently provide specialist security to Executives, Dignitaries, VIP’s and their families.